Cynthia Montier is an artist researcher and intervener based in Strasbourg. Her work is rooted in forms of symbolic appropriation as they manifest themselves in public space. She places importance on the place of belief and spirituality in vernacular, ritual and creative practices in relation to social engagement. Strongly influenced by narratives, territories and their traditions, her work reinvests popular, working-class, spiritual and socially engaged methodologies to transcribe group experiences and knowledge. Her approach acts as a channel – between intercession and mediation – through which intuitive forms can be transformed into material data.

Since 2019 Cynthia Montier and Ophélie Naessens have formed a duo of research artists who explore the notion of « esotericogeography ». She is an associate artist and member of the artistic council of the Syndicat Potentiel in Strasbourg, an active member of the Horizome association, of the performance festival INACT, co-author of the online residency space «Indisciplines œuvrières» with researcher Myriam Sushet on the platform and of the Utopies Réalisables platform. She is the author of the performance and research-creation programme «Esoteric Activisms – Magic – Performance – Resistance» (2021) which she co-directs with Sophie Prinssen.