Since prehistoric times, stones have been elementary components for magical, religious and ethnic rituals, some traces of which have come down to us, especially through megalithic erections (Mother Earth), which are the basis of many stories – scientific or imaginary ones. In feminist anti-nuclear
and anti-military movements or through chicana feminism in the US of the 70s, activism is singulary linked with spirituality regarding to gender and racial discrimination of the minorities. They depict a new politic devotion through ritual demonstrations (Starhawk) and auto-historia (Gloria E. Anzaldùa) of minority groups. In activist circles during uprisings or political strugles, the stone becomes an instrument of resistance (falling, throwing, sabotage, etc.). The activist imprints in the stone a point

of view, materializes an intention for the future. In all eras communities have sought to organize symbolic systems that manifest themselves materially through inscription on stones or on the rock itself. Engraved signs and symbols become bearers of narratives, making possible the interpretation of the future (runes), the care of bodies (lithotherapy), representing magical intentions (sigils), offering the promise of a more comfortable life (hobo code), protecting beings (amulet), attracting energies (talisman), opening onto another possible sky.

From Earth to Heaven, from Heaven to Hell, the game of hopscotch is the object of a symbolic ritual linked to various beliefs. Its origin in occident goes back to the 17th and 18th centuries, when hopscotch was played as a random game or synonymous of fortune. The term of ”puck” originally refer to a currency – taking the form of a token, or even a stone used for board games. Traced on the ground, the structure of hopscotch reveals a projected architecture, materializing a Beyond on the scale of the hand. The symbolic paving stone, cast as a spell, a wish or an oracle, is likely to unveil bypaths. How can stones and rituals give power to intentions, beliefs and devotion of caring and empowering communities?