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Intuitive and sensorial knowledges become datas, displaying dialogical formats & dispositives through which conversation is experienced as a form.


To come out with one’s head covered with a veil or face concealed is an act of faith as much as an act of protest that draws its sources from vernacular practices of blackening the face as much as from mortuary rituals, social, political or religious practices. The collective invention of historie.es veils / scarves / banners will be an opportunity to reflect together on the political power of textiles and the symbolisation and representation of struggles.


Esotericogeographical Map, A1, CMJN, R°V°, papier machine 90 g/m² Cynthia Montier & Ophélie Naessens are a duo of artist-researchers. Their work explores the notion of esoterico-geography, the apprehension of geography and urban or rural geology as spaces with a double dimension: both physical (concrete) and esoteric (hidden meaning), revealing a profound meaning; the symbolic representation […]


The Research Tarot is a non-divinatory tarot composed of 78 cards (80×145 mm) for as many figures. In contrast to the traditional Tarot de Marseille, the Tarot de Recherche draws on creative gestures and militant postures that predate it. Each reading engages an intervention: a research, an interview, or a performative gesture.


S.F.B. kit est un ensemble d’auto-éditions, entre le fanzine vernaculaire et le multiple d’artiste, co-réalisé avec les ouvriers d’un chantier Strasbourgeois, dont la société de construction est maintenant fermée. Ce corpus éditorial restitue une résidence de travail clandestine et généreuse sur le chantier en question, mise en place grâce à la complicité des ouvriers.