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Graffiti Ouija No. 1 – Oracle Graffiti is a device to allow communication with the banished spirits of the city. It takes the shape of a Ouija board on the scale of a tunnel floor (13 x 3 m), inscribed on the ground with sign paint. While the municipality tries to make them disappear, wandering […]


Donne moi un mot qui te donne de la force, je vais l’écrire comme un sort. ESPOIR


Intuitive and sensorial knowledges become datas, displaying dialogical formats & dispositives through which conversation is experienced as a form.


Interacting directly & symbolically with vernacular environments and communities at the intersection between life and aesthetics, art is experienced as a social & collective engagement.


The Research Tarot is a non-divinatory tarot composed of 78 cards (80×145 mm) for as many figures. In contrast to the traditional Tarot de Marseille, the Tarot de Recherche draws on creative gestures and militant postures that predate it. Each reading engages an intervention: a research, an interview, or a performative gesture.