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External Promises is a simultaneous urban and astral visit through different cities. External Promises — Fortune guide for disaffected places addresses the issue of disaffectec space, as a way of rethinking intimate space (assigned space, sacred space or conquered space) from a post-confinement perspective by applying it to the affective and political relationship to public space. What […]


Graffiti Ouija No. 1 – Oracle Graffiti is a device to allow communication with the banished spirits of the city. It takes the shape of a Ouija board on the scale of a tunnel floor (13 x 3 m), inscribed on the ground with sign paint. While the municipality tries to make them disappear, wandering […]


Homemade sundial dealing with cycles of consumption and season, viewpoint on urban landscape during lockdown and time passing by. It also addresses emptiness regarding both space and time: urbanism and capitalism versus nature and DIY culture.


Dialoging directly with public and occult places through field surveys, exploratory interviews, serendipity walks, visits via esoteric, narrative, sensitive, geological approaches.


RadiumGirlsGang is a fictional graffiti crew initiated by Cynthia Montier, in homage to American women workers, victims of the United States Radium Corporation (1917).