Cynthia Montier. Esoterical vandalism & dialogical graffiti as ruses for symbolic appropriations of public space. 10 July 2020. Urban Creativity User Experience Online Conference. Lisbone.

As part of Urban Creativity Users Experience online conference and Urban Creativity scientific journal, this lecture proposes an experimental approach of what its commonly called esoterism and vandalism as forms of symbolic appropriations of public space, from the point of view of historical observations, reported narratives and contemporary documents of situations.
My point deals with signs, traces and inscriptions in public spaces from the imaginary of the crook and clandestinity to the understanding of magic, esoteric and paganism leading to working class, labour, devotion but also insurrection as forms of symbolic appropriation and emancipation, such as in tradition of the sign in the art of building and trademarking or contemporary demonstrations for social justice.