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Esoterical vandalism & dialogical graffiti as ruses for symbolic appropriations of public space took the shape of a talk during Urban Creativity User Experience Online Conference, curated by Pedro Soares Neves.


Graffiti Ouija No. 1 – Oracle Graffiti is a device to allow communication with the banished spirits of the city. It takes the shape of a Ouija board on the scale of a tunnel floor (13 x 3 m), inscribed on the ground with sign paint. While the municipality tries to make them disappear, wandering […]


Dialoging directly with public and occult places through field surveys, exploratory interviews, serendipity walks, visits via esoteric, narrative, sensitive, geological approaches.


RadiumGirlsGang is a fictional graffiti crew initiated by Cynthia Montier, in homage to American women workers, victims of the United States Radium Corporation (1917).